Fresh prints on used shirts. Thrift store t-shirts. Print-on-Demand
one of a kind

Consistent & Random

We only print on non-virgin blank cotton crew-neck tees in XXS-4XL. We apologize for not currently offering 5XL or 6XL, and we’re trying to find sources.

The brands, seasons, & colors in our inventory are totally random. So far, no duplicates,

reclaimed swag

Flaunt Your Negative Carbon Footprint!

Rescue Tees eliminate the waste and pollution normally caused by production of virgin textiles for new shirts / the disposal of non-virgin shirts into landfills.

Pre-Loved T-Shirts Come With:

  • that comfortable broken-in feel.
  • that cool broken-in look.
  • that sense of connection to someone else out there.
you pick the design, fit & size. We choose the color for you