2022 Marginalized artists spotlight. Request for qualifications
2022 Marginalized artists spotlight. Request for qualifications


We are trying to expand our t-shirt design options while providing a platform that gives marginalized artists the opportunity to express themselves freely about their experience of marginalization without fear of censorship.

The call is open to anyone who has been marginalized, and artists may remain anonymous throughout the process if they prefer. Five artists will be chosen from all submissions made by August 24, 2022 (deadline extended)

The process for artists to be included in this year’s spotlight has two different rounds. This is our Request For Qualifications (aka Round 1) page. The Request For Qualifications is to help us select the artists for round two (aka our Request For Proposals).

The next section of this page will explain the Primary Work Product which is what we will ultimately want when it comes time for round two.

Primary Work Product:

This contract will result in up to two pieces of digital art (you don’t need to be a digital artist as long as your designs can be turned into digital images) for reproduction and sale on our t-shirts. 

Each design is to answer the question: “What do you need people to know about your experience of marginalization?” “As a marginalized person, what do you want people to know?”

Artists will be encouraged to provide a brief description of their work to accompany it on our website, and their name will be included unless they request for it to be omitted.

Artists will be compensated $400 for each accepted design.

Submittal Summary:

Submissions shall be submitted electronically by email to torben@swurvink.com no later than August 24th 2022.

Each submission should include:

  1. A brief written description of how you would answer “What do you need people to know about your experience of marginalization?”. 
  2. A brief written description of your experience with visual digital arts, especially any experience with designs for prints on garments. 
  3. A list of projects you think communicates the most useful experience you bring to this project, with images.

Evaluation of Submissions:

Artists responding to this RFQ must demonstrate the following:  

  • Basic artistic skills
  • Experience creating expressive artistic works. 
  • Ability to communicate experience of marginalization.

We are interested in working with artists who have experienced marginalization and who want to share their experience of it. We are not going to be ranking people based on the severity of their marginalization.

Approval Process:

Submissions will be reviewed and five (5) artists will be selected. These selected artists will be asked to complete a Request for Proposal for each of their two designs, providing a rough sketch and concept. 

If a proposal is rejected, the artist will have an additional two (2) weeks to submit an additional proposal for review.

If a proposal is accepted, the artist will have two (2) weeks to finalize the design and submit it.

In the event that this process does not yield a total of 10 designs, additional artists will be selected from applicants to complete this RFP process.

Who We Are:

Swurv Ink. is a worker owned t-shirt printing company jointly based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and Vermont. Our mission is to offer new original clothing while centering marginalized designers without using virgin textiles thereby enabling consumers the option to buy clothing without contributing to pollution, global warming, unethical work conditions, and the consolidation of wealth.