NON-Sustainable Is The Norm.. That's Weird, Right?

Do you ever just want to ask what people thought was going to happen whenever everyone decided it was ok to make any non-sustainable products in the first place? Who does that? That’s why we’re not here to tell you to only buy sustainable products. We’re here to only make sustainable products when no one else will. Which means we’ve got our work cut out for us. Despite consumers wanting to shop ethical and sustainable,  such markets just don’t exist for many types of fashion products or services. It’s not like the fashion industry isn’t aware of what consumers want.

So Much Green Marketing, So Where Are All The Markets?

Come on, be honest. With all the self righteous, overly sincere, and way too tasteful promotions for sustainable products constantly being shoved in our faces, sometimes doesn’t it feel like maybe there’s too many markets for sustainable fashion? Well unfortunately all that greenwashing is just marketing to get you to also buy their non-sustainable products which you will probably have to do because they won’t offer non-sustainable options for every type of product they produce.

Printing On Demand Is An Eco-Friendly Way For Designers To Earn Passive Income?

More Like Actively Destroying The Planet!

We wanted to start earning that sweet passive income we’ve heard so much about, so we decided to get sell our designs through print on demand marketplaces. But when we looked for sustainable options we found that despite claiming to be eco-friendly, not a single print on demand business prints on sustainable products. Not even one sustainable t-shirt!

That Was When We Realized What We Had To Do.

We’re not even fashion-type people. We just wanted to be able to buy some custom printed t-shirts responsibly, but no one was making them responsibly. We didn’t want to start a sustainable t-shirt printing business, but no one else was gonna’.  So if we’re gonna’ have to do it ourselves, then we’re going to do it our way.  Which means  instead of thinking of our brand as a fashion business, we want to think of it as an ethical, inclusive creative upcycling community. And instead of thinking of people as customers or (ick) consumers, we think of the people who buy and sell t-shirts through us as members of our community. And we’re only willing to run this business if we can guarantee that our used t-shirts come with the freshest of prints.


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